United Steelworkers
Local 1999
Indianapolis, Indiana
Our union is a reflection of the diverse racial and ethnic groups reflecting the population of
the United States. We are committed to working towards full equality and civil rights for the
citizens of the U.S. and Canada and human rights around the world.

This vision is charted in the Union's constitution and mandated by International convention
resolutions and policy. The Civil and Human Rights Department's priority is to provide
technical expertise in handling discrimination problems and situations; to conduct
education and training seminars on civil rights and women's rights; to develop resource
material; and to provide district and local union representatives with updated information
on the subject of human rights.

International Director of Civil & Human Rights
Amanda Green-Hawkins
Office:  412-562-2398

District 7 Civil & Human Rights Coordinator
Ray Jackson
Office:  219-881-6214
Fax: 219-886-8686
Cell: 219-741-6644

Local 1999 Civil Rights Committee Chair
Derrick Morris

Proud Member of the United Steelworkers Press Association

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